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Straight Talk has the phone that looks like a Blackberry, but it's just a keyboard phone. As long as she doesn't go into areas frequently where Page Plus is roaming 59 cents per minute , that sound like the best way for you to go at first, and see how she handles her usage. Always here to help. Call me "Miss Information".

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I think if you were already on a family plan, you could add lines to it. But unfortunately, a family and individual plan are different so I think the rep was right about having to switch you to a Verizon plan for it. I have no idea why they are having people replace the Alltel phones as well, but they are.

As for kids having a blackberry -- crazy but true.

As for Boost, and Sprint prepaid, they don't include roaming which is why they don't show service there. StraightTalk is a reasonable option too, especially since they do have a few inexpensive phones with a nice keyboard on them, and fairly good plans. OP, best advice for you to consider is prepaid service.

No need to worry about huge bills showing up because as soon as they reach the dollar amount limit, service is shut off until you add more money. You have the most effective control of usage and your child learns discipline. Best suggestion is to allow a certain value added each month and anything more, they have to earn money to buy more airtime.

Even a shared plan can be risky for you until they prove themself as reliable and disciplined. Prepay is not a good idea. Then you're also looking at. Way to expensive. Change to a family plan, add texting, block web and downloads and you're good to go. Originally Posted by vzwinagent. Originally Posted by veriztd.

Agreeing with Veriztd again, just did in another thread lol. I've worked in both CS and sales. When in CS, when it came to big bills and kids, it was almost always 'impossible'. Like how the kid was texting while in class.

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I had just finished high school when I went to work in a call center. It very much is possible. I was doing it like 3 months prior to that. When in sales, I've had angry parents over broken cell phones. One mother was saying her son didn't break his phone. He was next to her. Pretty much trying to tell her he did. Then had a girl whose phone didn't work due to liquid damage.

The girl was in the previous day laughing at how she had lost in phone. In a field.

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Then the other day a teenager came in wondering why his phone wasn't working. The liquid intrusion sticker under the ball of his Curve was red. I took the back door off to find it full of grass and debris of some sort. What I see a lot of parents doing now as a first cell phone is have their kids sign up on prepaid. The kids usually buy the top up cards themselves if they need more.

They often then move on to a monthly plan, but lots of them stick with prepaid until they can sign themselves. My sister has actually had to pay high bills because of her usage before.

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Her plan is under my dads name she's turning She went from a basic flip phone to a Pearl two years ago when I was done with the Pearl. She paid it and got switched to a higher plan it was only a few dollars more. She hadn't realized how much she was texting when she got the newer phone. She got an iPhone and a Milestone since so she uses data too now but she's covered with a data plan. Sooo anyway. Do you think shed go over that?

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Do they have any bigger messaging plans? Sent from my Milestone using Tapatalk.

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Anyone I've talked to that has swiched from Verizon regrets their decision. A friend brought an Iphone over to my place, "no service". The neighbor picked up a Boost mobile then returned it the next day. I talked to the Sprint dealer and he said Sprint prepaid wouldn't work here, but postpaid would have free roaming.

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While sitting in my living room with a Sprint phone I would be roaming off the Verizon network. If I go 30 miles North of here I wouldn't have service at all and I wouldn't be happy with that. Verizon prepaid and Page Plus still appear to have a bigger footprint in this area than anything else available. I'm a bit concerned with how much time kids spend texting and while having the ability to send dad a text to come pick her up without alerting her friends, I don't want her staying up all night trying to set a texting record.

I also don't see how kid's can be doing homework and getting texts from friends at the same time, so would it really be unreasonable to say she has to limit her texting to 40 messages per day? Would anyone recomend giving her a choice of phones and plans? I would have to say if she saves up a balance, it's her's to use as she wants, but when it's gone, it's gone. If she uses all her minutes the first 3 days, she waits 27 days for another refill card.

My phone is m2m, grandma's phone is m2m, some trusted friends are m2m, neighbors across the street are m2m, sending a text like "when's dinner? Of course kids also like to text each other from across the room or riding on the school bus together. Of course by limiting her talk time during the week, she could save up 2 hours for Saturday. These kids have email, yahoo, skype Does anyone let their kids access their accounts online and watch their own useage or is that just for parents?

If we did go with prepaid like Page Plus, then it would be like she has her own account without a contract but I don't get a huge overage bill. With Page Plus should I take extra steps to make sure she gets a phone that's not data capable as she does get 50mb data? I have three kids.

The oldest is a 16 yr old girl, then a 14 yr old girl. Both are in high school now. My son is 12 and doesn't really use his phone much. He has one because we dropped the landline, and just added him- still saving money. The girls rarely make phone calls, but texting is another story. Here is the link.