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Journalist discovers she has a huge cyst that needs urgent surgery after a viewer spotted a lump on her neck Schoolgirl, 16, who was stressed over her weight and GCSEs was killed by a train as she tried to scramble Sacked executives who shared 'sexist' posts about female colleagues in 'pornographic' WhatsApp group lose Moment police inject life-saving drug into homeless man after fearing he'd had heroin overdose Outrage as Instagram travel blogger shares a photo of a rubber duck posing in front of the gates of Labour election candidate accused of calling Jewish councillor 'Shylock' quits as party veteran Margaret No booze until Brexit!

Labour election candidate Kate Ramsden quits amid row over blog comments comparing actions of Israel to Virtually painless! Watching soothing degree scenes of the Arctic in virtual reality can help to ease Grolsch lager and its distinctive swingtop bottle lids will disappear from British supermarket shelves after Nadiya Hussain admits to feeling 'utterly naked' and 'vulnerable' after revealing she was sexually abused by Ex-Paralympic cyclist, 55, who glued himself to a British Airways plane in Extinction Rebellion protest Mother whose toddler was born with eczema so severe he couldn't sleep or go out in the sun claims a Lovers' murderous pact of silence: Moment sex-obsessed farmer's wife and her digger-driving boyfriend Almost 1.

Couple expecting their third daughter discover they were actually having a BOY just hours before he was born IT worker, 39, is left paralysed from the neck down after eating undercooked chicken in a London restaurant 'Bloody footprints' were found in apartment where British backpacker Grace Millane was killed by Tinder date Scientists create fake rhino horn from horse hair in bid to deter poaching of endangered species to feed Furious debate breaks out on Twitter leading Colin Firth fans to fear he Stop hitting that snooze button!

Expert reveals how to bounce out of bed - from putting your alarm on the Save money on Beauty, Fashion, Furniture and so much more. Ebuyer - Ebuyer discount codes. Save money on the latest technology for your homes. Currys - Currys Technology Deals. Argos - Argos Technology Deals. Debenhams - Debenhams Fashion Deals. Nor did the hook, borrowed from Michael McDonald: rarely have so many sung along so absentmindedly to murder. The sharpest analysis of the psychological effects of a criminal lifestyle, created by an uncompromising Houston rap trio best known for their most high-profile member, Bushwick Bill, being a dwarf and having one eye shot out during a domestic.

Hawkins makes incomprehensible chatterings throughout, which, when set against the discordant keys and dizzying backing vocals, can make even the calmest soul question their sanity. Tales of vengeful, gun-toting lovers stalk American song, but Hendrix brought an unrepentant swagger to the role and a sonic guitar assault. In old-time ballads such as Little Sadie, the felon is usually brought to justice, but Joe seems destined to slip across the Mexico border and escape the hangman. Good Life, which swiftly followed his very similar Big Fun, was hedonism squared, a celebratory house record paying tribute to celebration itself.

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Even the most cursory inspection of the lyrics reveals The Number of the Beast to be a Hammer Horror storyline set to metal, nothing more. Not scary, just fun.

GLEE - Marry You (Full Performance) HD

Written by Jacques Brel in , and translated by Rod McKuen, this song was picked up by Jacks, Canadian leader of psychedelic band the Poppy Family, and offered to the Beach Boys before being released as a single. The bastardised, mawkish version of Brel became a monster hit, and the four-note guitar opening is an instant warning that it is probably hard to die when all the birds are singing in the sky.

One from the heart. Jamaica in the early 80s was an economic and political basketcase, but as the music tilted towards the more hedonistic strains of dancehall, some remained committed to cultural lyrics. One such was Anthony Johnson, whose classic Gun Shot was inspired by the police shooting of a Trenchtown man; not by the singular nature of the killing, but because it was an everyday event.

The pared-back rhythm and muted horns made room for a pained vocal that owed much to Dennis Brown. GG Listen on Spotify. A deliberately ambiguous song about loss, Someone Great maps the demise of a significant relationship, though it is unclear whether the termination is the result of death or simply an irreparable breakdown in communication. Alone Again Or makes being alone sound like joy itself — a rare moment of lightness on a dark and disturbing album.

A triumph of light and shade, it showed there was more to Metallica than sheer speed and served as a blueprint for breakthrough single One four years later. Not one to play when the vicar pops round. PMon Listen on Spotify. On the phone to mentor Puff Daddy, the Notorious BIG suddenly spins off into depression, regretting a life of pretty crime and treating his dear old mum like dirt.

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In , his successful case against Biz Markie over a sample from this song changed the law and the course of hip-hop. Ms Jackson was a song with an inbuilt soap opera. Memory is unreliable, but it suggests this song was inescapable as turned into Either way, this was their first, and deserved, No 1. Of all the dinner party soundtracks of the 90s, Glory Box is, possibly, the most improbable. Discs disagreed. PM Listen on Spotify.

Guitars twang in threatening agreement. This stomping version of his tale, driven by sax and doo-wop backing singers, topped the US charts but Price, after a campaign by the Legion of Decency, had to change the words when performing it on TV so that neither gambling nor killing took place. Recorded shortly before his death, released just afterwards, its rumination on the tides of time made an exquisite, wistful epitaph to a talent that had yet to peak.

A chilling work, words and music perfectly in tandem, the end result is truly haunting. He bids farewell to his girl Rosie, his home Corona, Queens and heads off. Gay sex, claimed Truman Capote. But who remembers that version? This was a perfect match of singer to song: Sinatra shedding the ring-a-ding-ding to embrace gravitas as he looks back at a full life. It still sounds startling now — goodness knows how those hearing it in reacted.

For those who have yet to discover him, this poignant warning against sinking into matrimonial tedium is a great introduction to the wonderful and unsettling talent of Maryland misanthropist Bill Callahan. Adopted by John Kerry as his election anthem, the solo acoustic version featured on Live: cuts deepest.

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Its roots are centuries old, but the final version was written by Lloyd Chandler, a Baptist preacher from North Carolina, in In fact, just listening to it can make you nervous. Which probably makes it even more uneasy Wish Someone Would Care was the first song this phenomenal New Orleans soul singer ever wrote herself. Sung from the perspective of a man whose criminal past has proved fatal, this is a sanguine goodbye, intended for an old friend who had the sense to go straight. By this point his life was so steeped in violence that potential enemies were everywhere: there was no way out.

Compassion, forgiveness, redemption, the power of platonic love — all are alluded to in that slightly vague way best suited to stadium rock. But this nails adolescence like acne. No musical dynasty has bared family squabbles with the candour of the Wainwright-McGarrigles. The irony, of course, is that gay icon Rufus turned out not to be a tit man at all. Here, on his debut album, Closing Time, he takes on the role of Tom Frost, weakening just enough to pick up the phone to call an old flame after many years.

The music is prime-period Waterboys, all towering sax and searing fiddle, the big music thrillingly shackled to the folk train. A popular blues number, it became a signature tune for Mae West, who showcased it in her play Diamond Lil. Some things never change. Maybe you were the one. Walker would later move into even darker waters — which is saying something.

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Inevitably, Natt grew up to be an outrageous goth, keen on Marilyn Manson. Through the longest night, robins weep, leaves die and the moon hides. This sorrowful wail from an imprisoned parent may have sounded more authentic coming from Lefty Frizzell. Hank mines the depths of despair as only he can. Poly Styrene was a pop star of rare talent and even rarer courage. Mixed-race when it was anything but fashionable, she attacked conformism and consumerism in her songs, of which Germ Free Adolescents was the most successful.

Demonstrating her own weary indifference to it all, Poly wore braces on her teeth. But here the message is in the music. In Laurel Canyon they probably thought this was the sound of the pension queue.