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They also noted that the family's Ford SUV was missing. Investigators do not know how and when the family members were killed, or why the Butwins' vehicle raced down Interstate 8 at a. Saturday, evading the Border Patrol and veering 2 miles into the Sonoran outback.

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It was discovered several hours later, still smoking. Officials reported that one victim was found in the backseat, and four in the rear compartment. All were burned beyond recognition. Tempe police spokesman Jeff Glover identified the entire Butwin family as victims and said the Ford SUV that was found torched in the desert had been registered to them.

Malissa, 16, a student at Corona del Sol High School who played clarinet in the band, according to a boosters newsletter. Daniel, 14, who celebrated his bar mitzvah on Oct. He also was a student at Corona del Sol. The Pima County Medical Examiner's Office ruled the deaths as homicides but has not released an autopsy or announced the manner of death.

Glover said there was "absolutely no evidence" that the slayings had any connection with drugs or drug smuggling. Despite that conclusion, a Pinal County Sheriff's Office news release sent Tuesday afternoon continued to suggest that the slayings were related to narcotics cartels. A sheriff's spokesman issued a message saying Babeu would no longer comment on the case.

Saturday's slayings mark the second time in just five weeks that an East Valley family fell victim to murder-suicide. On May2, J. Ready, a neo-Nazi border vigilante, killed his girlfriend, her daughter and grandchild, as well as the daughter's boyfriend, in a domestic-violence rampage. James Butwin was an entrepreneur involved with real-estate developments and property management. Originally from New Jersey, he also was a prominent member of the Tempe Jewish community. He and his family lived in an upscale neighborhood known as Corona Estates, with expansive homes, manicured lawns and stone walkways.

Steven Wolfson, Yafit's divorce attorney, said the couple continued living together during divorce proceedings under a temporary agreement to share the residence. James and Yafit met in , when she was visiting the United States.

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They were married in Israel. Wolfson said Yafit never sought an order of protection, and he was shocked to learn of the tragedy because there was no hint of domestic-violence problems. Butwin became a licensed real-estate broker in January , according to the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

He created a network of corporations to pursue commercial-property deals, records with the Arizona Corporation Commission show. Yafit Butwin was an energetic mother who often talked lovingly about her children, said Robin Phillips, a Tempe resident who saw her for about the past 18 months at their weekly meditation group in Chandler.

In , Yafit graduated from Northern Arizona University and was pursuing an interior-design career. Yafit had said her husband would not leave the house, something they were negotiating as the divorce was unfolding, Phillips said. She had finished her degree. She was starting her business," Phillips said. View subscription options.

More Popular Searches. Powered by Local. Quiz: Can you pass the civics test for U. Women executed in the U. Much of this was reported in Ducey's hometown daily newspaper, the Toledo Blade. Additionally, Ducey's great-uncle, Tony Paul Scott alias Neufio Scott was a major Toledo hoodlum, well known to members of Toledo's law enforcement community. By the time of his death in , Tony Paul had been stripped of his naturalized citizenship by the feds, his illegal fortune invested in property in his wife's name.

Needless to say, it's unlikely that Patrolman Roscoe would have been unaware of the Scott family's less-than-sterling reputation in Toledo. Similarly, the criminal career of Ducey's maternal uncle, Billy Scott, made the Blade 's front page more than once. Ironically, both Billy Scott and Doug Roscoe now live in Broward County, Florida, according to real estate records, residing about 35 minutes from each other.

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Though Roscoe gives Toledo, Ohio, as his city of residence on his Facebook page, records of campaign donations Roscoe made to Ducey offer Hollywood, Florida, as Roscoe's residence, giving his occupation as "principal" in the company R. There is no description of what the business does in public records, though R.

Roscoe, like his eldest son, Doug, has not returned phone calls and online messages seeking answers to such questions. Meanwhile, Uncle Billy is serving out the remainder of his probation in a house in Parkland, Florida, estimated by Zillow. That was about five years after Susan Scott sold the residence to its current owner Leo Zupan, records show. Zupan claims he never met Scott and had nothing to do with any donation in an Arizona political race. He said he knew Ms.

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Scott had a husband, but at the time he bought the house, she was the sole owner of the property. Additionally, he was aware from talking to neighbors that Susan's husband had had to flee the country because of legal problems. Requests for clarification and comment made to Billy Scott, Billy Scott's lawyer, and the Ducey campaign remain unanswered. Clerical error might explain why Susan Scott's address is listed incorrectly on Ducey's campaign-finance report. Still, in , when Susan donated, her husband, Billy Scott, still was a fugitive from U.

Ducey's mother visited her on-the-lam brother in St. Billy has endured worse. In , Scott was indicted in absentia in U. District Court on counts related to illegal Internet gambling and his ownership of the online betting behemoth World Wide Tele-Sports. Scott is believed to have traveled quietly to the States during this time.

But in , he did so openly, to plead guilty to the charges mentioned above.

Earlier this year, his attorney, Juan Chardiet, petitioned the federal court to allow his client to return to his home in St. Maarten, citing Billy Scott's good behavior and ill health. Facebook posts from show Madeline on the beach in St. Maarten next to her brother, Billy, a glass of wine in her hand. Doug Ducey remains on good terms with Doug Roscoe, who attended both his son's inauguration for treasurer and was onstage for Ducey's GOP primary night win in August.

On his Facebook page, Roscoe brags about his son's likelihood of becoming "the next AZ governor. Doug Roscoe and Madeline Scott's marriage ended in divorce. Madeline remarried a couple of times afterward, first in to Toledo resident Michael Ducey. While Ducey remained in Toledo for his senior year at St.

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John's Jesuit High School, his mother migrated west, eventually landing in Las Vegas, where she was briefly married to a croupier named Morris Gerges.