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A new probate record will be online approximately 14 days after probate has been issued. Probate records that include a will Not all probate records contain a will.

Search for a probate record by post Download and fill in form PA1S to search for a probate record by post. You should get a response within 4 weeks.

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If the person died in the last 6 months Probate may not have been granted yet. You can extend the standing search after 6 months.

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How to find anyone online

Search for the person on Facebook. Enter his name in the search field on the site and review the results. If you know the city where the person last resided, the high school he attended or any of his employers, you can use these details to narrow your search. Perform a search on Google UK.

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The site will display search results for websites in the UK that display the person's name. The most relevant search results are displayed first.