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Is there a way get a court order that would apply to all of the certificates in one hearing? Have any of you found attorneys that have been helpful and reasonably priced? Any suggestions would be wonderful! I searched for a long time and I was not able to find an attorney that would get the birth certificate for me.

The state of New York has strict laws that states that the only person that can request the birth certificate has to be listed on the birth certificate. The whole process for me took 9 months. Post Reply. Ernesto Today : s. Office of Cultural Education. Skip to main content. You are here Home Birth, Marriage, and Death Records Birth, Marriage, and Death Records New York began statewide registration of births, marriages, and deaths "vital records" in , under supervision of the State and local boards of health.

Compliance with the law was incomplete until or even later; therefore certificates are lacking for many events. Several of the State's larger cities recorded vital events for varying periods of time prior to ; see below for more information.

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An law required the school districts in each town to collect vital statistics. They ceased doing so after a few years.

The indexes cover the entire state outside of New York City and start in June deaths or marriages and births. Birth indexes are made available after 75 years, marriage and death indexes after 50 years. Birth indexes have been made available through only.

An index entry states only the name of the person, date and place of event, and State certificate number. The data in the indexes is not available in electronic format, except for death indexes made available for download from the State Department of Health. These datasets start in and are posted after 50 years.

Vital Statistics

The indexes do include vital events in the former towns of Kings County prior to their annexation by the City of Brooklyn in the s and '90s; in portions of Westchester County prior to their annexation by New York City in ; and in Richmond County Staten Island and the western portion of Queens County prior to their incorporation into the City of New York, January 1, The indexes do not include births and deaths in Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers prior to , or marriages in those cities prior to Contact the local registrar of vital statistics in those cities for information about earlier records.

The birth indexes do not include original data for adopted infants. Let's hope that that goes smoothly so that he can send out for my apostille soon. What a long process!

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Congrats on having your apostille! The street name on step 2 is Centre St. Thank you very much for sharing this information, especially the details on Birth Certificate. Do you remember how long it took to get the mail request done for an Apostille from Dept of State? Thank you Thomas!

Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

I will follow all the steps to acquire the sought after Apostille for my son, who just found out today that he can also become a Dutch citizen. Hope you are still happily married and living in France.

The Convention provides for the simplified certification of public including notarized documents to be used in countries that have joined the convention. Foreign countries often require documents to be authenticated before the documents will be accepted in the foreign jurisdiction. The apostille includes the facsimile signature of the individual issuing the certificate. The Letter of Exemplification must be requested when ordering the birth or death certificate.

This service is not available online. Obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate with an original signature of the City Clerk. The document must then be presented to the County Clerk's Office in the county where the document was obtained to verify the signature of the City Clerk.

The original document must then be presented to the county clerk's office in the county where the document was obtained for certification.

How long will it take?

It is suggested that you contact the county clerk's office prior to obtaining the records to determine if their office can certify documents obtained from a local authority. The official's signature must be notarized by a notary public. The document must then be presented to the County Clerk's Office in the county where the notary public is qualified to certify the signature of the notary public. The county clerk's office will affix its seal and signature to the document. The country where the document is being sent to must be specified.

The telephone number is You may also bring your document to the Albany Office for processing between the hours of a. You may also bring your document to the New York City Office for processing between the hours of a.

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To assist our office in processing your document in a timely manner, you may wish to include a daytime telephone number so that we may contact you should any questions arise. Processing a document submitted in person is usually completed while you wait. You have to do it now via the internet, they will not help you via the phone. There is at one point in the online process an dropdown list, which asks your reason for obtaining this birth certificate and you need to answer with the Apostille answer.

This will automatically get you the letter of exemplification. I have just received the vault copy, hooray and will move on to step 2. I will call them New York County Clerk's office first just in case this has changed to.

Your blog was still the most helpful in this process. Vital check now offeres the long form, when ordering the birth certificate for new york under reason select apostille and then they will get the long form and the letter of exepmlification. Thanks to your site i knew where to get my nyc certificate notarised by the county clerk. Just wanted to let you guys know.

Thomas, I was born in Manhattan and am currently back, but only until Sunday. I don't think I have time to deal with post as I am only here until Sunday , so I was wondering if you knew of a way to expedite the process? All advice is much appreciated! Hey everyone, I have just ordered my long copy.

Thomas Crampton – Getting a NY Birth Certificate with Apostille

I ordered it via vital check but it took over a month. I keyed in the wrong year and Vitalcheck does not deal with NYC certificates. After spending hours on hold I finally have it in hand. I live in Albany now and once i got the certificate i overnighted it to the county clerk. They sent it back to me via per paid postage and then i brought it to the DPT of state in albany and got my apostille. I also helped my friend order his it took 2 weeks for his.

They say days. On the order select the option for apostille and they give you the long form and the leter of exemplifacation. For out side of the city you can just order it from the DEPT of vital statistics via the vitalcheck or goto the town clerk where you were born and get the long form. Then take it to the county clerk of where you were born and have them sign off on it. Then take it to the dept of state.

I just hit a roadblock in obtaining my Italian citizenship. I was born in NY to an Italian father but my mother had my stepfather adopt me when I was I just found out that I can't get a copy of my original birth certificate without petitioning the court by hiring a lawyer. I am trying to order a birth certificate from New York to Canada. When I try to order it through VitalCheck I get an error on the province when trying to enter my address.

I finally found a way around this my first typing in a US address then changing it to a Canadian address but then it asks me for my social security card for verification. Has anybody else had these issues when ordering the birth certificate? I was able to call up VitalChek, and after about 30 mins on hold, I was able to update the order so that they would send me the long form.

There is no option to do this online, but if you call them up, you may be able to have them make the change depending on what state's records you are ordering. It took about 1 minute after I got through to someone, and it didn't cost me any extra money. Hey Celeste! I'm doing the same thing for Dominican republic, i think we follow the same procedure and then when all the papers are done take them to the Dominican Embassy at broadway 4th fl to apply for a Cedula, to finish the process. Thomas, thank you so much for blogging this. As an american born girl trying to get dual citizenship for Dominican Republic, it has been a bit challenging due to the language barrier.

My parents were both born there and I'm heading out there to take care of some business matters, so when someone suggested getting a dual citizenship to facilitate the process. My head spun. But you have made this such an easy process! They Never Pick up, just got threw there website it works took me 2 weeks to get My Birth Certificate. Do I get my birth certificate with the letter of exemplification on the same day if I apply in person???? Also, assuming they send you both, does it still have to go to Manhattan County for certification, or can it go straight up to Albany for the apostille?

Hi, thanks to this blog entry, I was able to quickly get my apostille. To confirm information of the original entry and the comments and the information of the link at the end of this comment , I post my experience for others. I used the UPS Air shipping offer for the 20 miles distance to be covered so as to get business days processing time processing time currently averages business days via regular mail.

My order was placed online the day before the Memorial Day weekend.