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Your marriage license cannot be made official outside of Pennsylvania, though! If you want to get married outside of the Pennsylvania state lines, you will need to contact that state and see what kind of laws they have for marriage licenses. Unless you declared yourself married by common law prior to , you cannot simply have a common law marriage and be done with it. Pennsylvania stopped issuing common law marriage certificates as of January 1, You and your future spouse must visit the Marriage License Bureau or Orphan's Court and fill out the application together.

Proxies are not allowed. You will both need to have two forms of identification. The first is a current and valid form of photo identification. This can be your driver's license, state issued ID card, passport, military ID, etc. The second is either your social security card or an official document that contains your social security number like a W-2, tax forms, etc.

If one of you doesn't currently have a social security number, you are going to need to be able to provide a birth certificate or some other form of official identification. The best thing to do if you want to make sure your bases are covered here, is to call your local marriage license bureau or orphan's court and ask them what you should bring in. The fees vary from city to city and from county to county.

Contact your local officials before you go in to make sure that you know how much you will be expected to pay. This is important because the office will not take credit cards or checks. You must pay your fees in cash at the time that you are applying. So call ahead and make sure you visit the ATM before you go in to fill out your application!

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Within the state of Pennsylvania, you have a few options when it comes to ceremony officiants. You have the typical religious officiants priests, ministers, rabbis, pastors, etc. You can also get married by a judge or a justice of the peace. You can also sometimes perform your own marriage ceremony! It's true! Within the state of Pennsylvania, it is sometimes possible to self-officiate your marriage ceremony.

The rules on this vary from one area to another so make sure that you call the Marriage License Bureau or Orphan's Court before you go in to find out what those requirements are. It is important to find this out beforehand because you have to state that you plan on self-officiating before you apply for your marriage license and you almost always have to pay an additional fee. This is iffy.

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Sometimes the state will recognize the authority of a web-based ordained minister and sometimes they will not. There have been cases in which a marriage license wasn't validated because the minister didn't have an actual congregation. Check with your local authorities! Do not assume that, since this is usually allowed in most other places in the United States that it will be allowed in your city or county.

After you get married you'll receive a marriage certificate which will serve as proof of your marriage. This document will be useful when notifying the necessary government agencies of your new name, as well as any non-government agencies. If you need help to streamline the name change process you can use an online name change service to help you get going. Pennsylvania has 67 offices where a marriage license can be acquired. Simply choose a location below to visit. Phone numbers as well as map and accompanying driving direction links are provided for every address.

Home Marriage License Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Marriage License Requirements Congratulations on your decision to get married! Who is allowed to get married in Pennsylvania? Is same sex marriage allowed in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania does recognize and allow same sex marriage.

What if I am not yet 18?

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Pennsylvania does allow people who aren't yet 18 to get married. When in doubt, call ahead!

Can I marry my cousin? And, before you ask, there is no way to get around this.

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What if I am already married to another person You cannot be married at the time that you file your marriage application. What if I have already been married but am not now? It depends on the situation.

What if I used to have a different name? Can I get married as soon as I file?

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  6. My marriage license application is good forever, right? Is my marriage license county specific? What if I don't want to go through the hassle of a ceremony? How do I apply for a Pennsylvania marriage license? Are blood tests required? How much does it cost? Who can marry us? What about getting ordained online? Are proxy marriages allowed in Pennsylvania? Sorry, no. What if I am changing my name? Where to Go Where do I physically need to go to get my marriage license?

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    Adams County Recorder Of Deeds. Beaver County Recorder Of Deeds. Box Beaver , PA Bedford County Recorder Of Deeds. Blair County Prothonotary. Bucks County Orphans Court. Administration Building Doylestown , PA Butler County Recorder Of Wills. Cambria County Recorder Of Wills. Cameron County Recorder Of Deeds. Carbon County Recorder of Wills.

    Route Jim Thorpe , PA Centre County Marriage License. Chester County Recorder Of Deeds. Clarion County Recorder Of Deeds. Court House Clarion , PA Clearfield County Recorder Of Deeds.

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    Box Clearfield , PA Clinton County Recorder Of Deeds. Columbia County Marriage 0. Crawford County Clerk Of Courts. Cumberland County Register of Wills. Court House Carlisle , PA Dauphin County Register-Wills. Delaware County Register of Wills.