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The intent of this exemption is to create an incentive for property owners to preserve historic stone walls located in Lincoln since they create a cultural resource and help preserve the rural character of the Town.

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As determined by the Social Security Administration. Must have owned and occupied real estate for 5 years.

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Converts to Senior Exemption at age A copy of applicants DD is required. Veterans who served honorably in the armed forces or the Merchant Marines of the United States or the un-remarried widow of one whom served during the following dates:. See also: Veteran's Exemption Rules and Regulations. Home Departments Tax Assessor. Building Courts Municipal Probate. Engineering Stormwater.

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The County Assessor has the duty to value all real and personal property in the county as a basis for the county board to levy taxes. The assessor must be certified by the Department of Revenue in order to hold office and annually attend a training session. The County Assessor is an elected official who has the general supervision over and the direction of the assessment of all property in his or her county. The duties are prescribed by Nebraska Statutes, Rules and Regulations Chapter 77 , which have the effect of law. The following is a partial list of those duties:. Tax rates are established as a result of a budgetary process.

Each governmental agency provides a budget that will cover the cost of maintaining their respective agency for a fiscal year. The budget requirements are totaled and that amount is divided by the total assessed value of property for that subdivision to establish the tax rate. Real property includes all lots and land, buildings, fixtures and improvements and mobile homes, which are used for residential, office, commercial, and agricultural purposes. Personal property is defined as tangible, depreciable income producing property including machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures.

Wh at is Special Valuation? This procedure allows property owners that wish to continue the agri-business nature of their property to do so without the value of their property being inflated by residential or commercial development.

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This gives the assessor a chance to correct possible errors and answer your valuation-related questions. You may appeal your valuation only, not your tax bill. When purchasing a mobile home the first step is to obtain a title from Motor Vehicle Registration. This form lets us know who the buyer and seller is, how the home was transferred, where the home is currently located and where it is was at the time of purchase, basic information on the home itself, the legal description, and the purchase price.

When you sell your mobile home you must prorate the taxes yourself between buyer and seller. The county does not prorate taxes. You will sign the title off to the new owner and they will start the process all over again.

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Before you move a mobile home a moving permit is required by the moving company. That requires accelerating or making taxes due now instead of at the end of the year. Moving a mobile home without accelerating taxes is punishable with a class four misdemeanor. If you own a mobile home court, you must provide our office with an annual court report listing the date the mobile home was parked, the lot number it is located on, the owner of the mobile home, the make, year, width and length of the mobile home.

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The annual court report is required by January 15th of every year. Failure to make this report shall result in cancellation of the permit issued and forfeiture of the fee paid.

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Any person violating these provisions shall be guilty of a class four misdemeanor. An organization which is the owner of real or tangible personal property, or licensed motor vehicles, and is seeking a property tax exemption may file for an exemption if:. The property is owned by and used exclusively for agricultural or horticultural societies; or,.