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Her organization links convicts with pen pals. Those interested volunteer to write letters to a criminal they choose.

Some of them are murderers — others have committed sex crimes, robberies and home invasions. Brown draws on her own personal experience, too. The couple was wed while he was behind bars. Karen Venables lost her teenage son 15 years ago. Devin died from a single punch. The young man responsible was convicted of manslaughter.

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You took a life. Second chances? But you have to earn that second chance. Global News reached out to a couple of inmates featured on Inmate Ink.

The Purpose of this Female Prison Pen Pal Website:

Our interview requests were denied by the Correctional Service of Canada. Serious structural transformation of the system is therefore required. Further living in an environment where kindness and empathy are considered naive and weak. Prisoners tend to wear self-protective gear of toughness, cynicism, selfishness, anger and even outright hatred, thereby further burying their own humanity and deepening their sense of self-hatred and worthlessness, which in turn leads to even more self-protective gear.

It can be quite the vicious cycle…. But cycles can be broken, and sometimes all it takes is a simple act of kindness or a simple reminder to the suffering prisoner that he or she is valuable and can be of value to others.

Second chances: Woman finds love through pen pal website for inmates | CTV News Atlantic

A letter from a stranger, from someone in the community, can serve as that simple act or reminder. When receiving a letter from a perfect stranger, a prisoner feels valued, given that the person actually took the time and effort to write to him! By doing so he suddenly finds himself reconnecting with and even foregrounding the humanistic parts of himself that he had become accustomed to suppressing. I forgot about him! Healing can thus begin… And from that tiny flame can eventually burst into a blazing fire that burns that self-protective gear right off!

Healing can thus spread… All of this begun by just one simple letter from a stranger. We do not charge Prisoners, their family or friends for providing us with their information to be placed on this prison pen pal site.

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We feel that concept is just a slap in the face to the inmate and their relations if any, since most are abandoned for being incarcerated Why add insult to injury and charge inmates to seek pen pal relationships? Find someone that wants change and new life.

Website owner defends posting killer Mark Twitchell's pen pal profile

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Gallery of ladies. Create Offender Profile. May I Write You? Meet inmates with Women Behind Bars. The women in prison here desire change in their lives.

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  • Calgary woman creates pen pals for prisoners: ‘You can’t give up on any human being’.