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Well, this article needs a little refreshing. Google Phonebook does not exist anymore it only existed for a short period of time and then Google pulled the plug because it got too many complaints from users whose information was exposed. Also this list should include a few names like Cellrevealer. I would also include some Apps that use crowd sourcing to locate phone numbers.

But the top two services for locating spammy calls are a great shot. Thank you for the heads-up, Rick. During the past 8 years, things have certainly changed. We're in the progress of updating old articles and this one is on the list. Try Phone-Trace. You can get more details if you pay a fee, but you will probably find what you need for free. I wish Google Phonebook were real.

The article's link simply takes you to Google itself; that page looks nothing like that shown in the article. There is no direct link to the phone book, at least I could not find one. Well, I have read articles elsewhere and their info is just as incorrect. Yet the article posted here shows an actual Google page that, in the graphic, says "Google Phonebook. Let me explain it again You use the link I posted, yes the one you think is wrong, just use it. Search for a person or phone number in the US. If Google finds an entry, you will see the PhoneBook results as shown in the screenshot.

As far as I know, that is the only way to it. If you know of another, e. I could not find one. I've been using the anywho. For Germany I always use Klicktel klicktel. Why would I pay for more info from these folks? I take it your own cell number is North American. The number I tested with returned correct information. On paying I do not recommend paying for further information. You don't have to know everything after all. I compiled links to find out as much as possible for free.

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Typed in my own cell phone number and it told me that it was a landline and that the carrier was something I've never heard of. That's strange. Is your cell phone number North American? I tested it with a Canadian cell phone number, which worked fine. I use notes. It's free, and it's a user-driven database like 1. Although the URL suggests it's for toll-free numbers, it reports on all calls. It even has an entry for It doesn't seem to reveal the owner's name, though.

The decline of landlines and the affirmation of cellphone-only homes.

A good US reverse look-up resource is the Verizon affiliate whitepages. John, thank you for pointing this out! I missed the extra information for commercial numbers. Yea it is good because it tels you also how many people there are with that name. Great site, use it alot! A the National Cellular Directory.

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In this day and age, many homeowners are ditching their landlines in favor of their mobile phones. With the ability to remain continuously connected to the internet and swiftly communicate in many circumstances, landlines are quickly turning into a thing of the past. Free Tip: How to find someone's cell phone number absolutely free! To illustrate the decline of landlines and the affirmation of cell-phone-only families, I thought it would be a great idea to get started with my perspective, as I feel many readers will be able to relate to the following.

Personally, I have been living without a landline for the past ten years of my life, and so is the vast majority of my peers I am 29 years old, living in one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the United States. My parents, who live in a smaller town and have been enthusiastic supporters of landlines over mobile phones , are currently making the switch to get rid of their landline!

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They have come to realize that landlines were useless to stay in touch with their kids, as me and my brothers both use mobile devices and internet only. Their landline was also pretty pointless to get in touch with relatives overseas We have family in Australia, making it expensive to make landline calls. Ultimately, most of the calls they receive on a daily basis come from sales reps and other unwanted organizations. Switching to a cellphone-only system was a no-brainer for my parents, it gave them peace of mind and saved them money in the process. At the age of 29 going 30, I almost feel like a dinosaur myself.

Today, the number has dropped down exponentially.

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  • The decline of landlines and the affirmation of cellphone-only homes.;
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By , the rate of landlines has fallen to a more Fast forward to , and we have over According to the Telegraph, one of the leading newspapers in the United Kingdom, most people are starting to prefer using services such as Whatsapp, Facebook or Snapchat in other to communicate with people in their lives, rendering landlines pretty much only an avenue for salespersons to bother them with unwanted calls.

Just by observing people around me, it is quite easy to jump to the conclusion that landlines are out, and mobiles are all the way in! There is a wide variety of benefits with using cell phones over landlines, but finding the identity of callers is one of the few things that has gotten more complicated.

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Back in the day, all you needed was a bulky old phone book. Those big volumes had almost every number, and they could easily be used to figure out the identity of most callers.

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Learn more: about the cell phone directory transformation. Today, big data is highly valued.

For this reason, looking up a number directly might not be as easy. By the time you know the city and state, you may suddenly recall why a person from this area would call you and identify the owner of the phone number. Call the phone number back and ask the person who the owner is. If an unknown phone number shows on your caller ID, calling back is often the fastest and easiest way to identify the owner of a number.

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Oftentimes, when this scenario happens, it's someone who called the wrong number. If it's not a random person, it may be a business or a company, in which a person on the other end will answer the call back with a business name. At this point, you can ask who the owner of the business is and decide if you want to continue talking or hang up.

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