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Please note this is not a substitute for your pre-adverse notification requirements. For more information see frequently asked questions about our background checks or consult with your legal counsel. We are a proud member of the Professional Background Screening Association. Background Check Resources For more detailed information on our criminal background checks, please visit our background check resource center. Start your search now.

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This individual has no legal middle name. Don't know the middle name? Use our social security trace first. Social security number.

National criminal database search sources include, but are not limited to:

A social security number is strongly recommended for the fastest and most accurate results. Maiden name optional.

What is the difference between national, federal, state, and county checks?

Optional If you are an employer, and would like us to send a copy of the completed report to your applicant, please check this box. Applicant e-mail for report copy. Your company name.

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We look forward to serving you. About Us. Applicants for licensure who do not hold a current license, including a temporary license, issued by the Minnesota Board of Social Work. How much does the fingerprint-based CBC cost? Fees submitted to the Board are non-refundable.

Any incorrect fees received on or after January 1, are void and will be returned. You should plan to submit your fingerprints as soon as possible after receiving email instructions from the CBC Program Office to avoid delays to your application. Your application cannot be approved until the CBC is complete. All application requirements, including the CBC, must be completed within one year of the date the application is submitted. How do I complete the fingerprint-based CBC? Once you submit your application and pay both the CBC and the applicable application fee to the Board, you will receive a fingerprinting packet via email from the CBC Program Office.

Where can I obtain fingerprints? Appointments are available between am and pm. Please call the law enforcement agency in advance to determine availability, cost, and whether they do digital or paper fingerprints.

If the law enforcement agency can only complete paper fingerprints and requires you to bring your own fingerprint card, you will need to contact the CBC Program Office to have a paper fingerprint card mailed to you. We often supplement these county searches with a nationwide criminal history database search, which provides a quick, affordable method to search for criminal history information that may be recorded in jurisdictions outside the candidate's address history.

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It's important to note that a "basic criminal background check" is in the eye of the beholder and is based solely on your requirements as the client. At Good Egg, we offer a baseline package configuration that is the starting point for building out a screening program to meet your specific needs. The number of HR people who've caught a lie on a resume. The number of Americans with a criminal record.

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