Find out who called you ristricted

What about from a restricted number? Although it is less common to receive a call from a restricted number nowadays, it does still happen.

You may wonder if it is someone you know prank calling you, or something more serious. Either way, you may not want the number to be able to reach you again. Here is everything you should know about how to block a restricted number and how to call them back. It can be hard to call back a restricted number.

The person calling wants to stay hidden and because they called using a restricted caller ID, they make it very difficult for you to find out who they are. This will call back the person who just called you. Make sure you do this process before your next call comes in, or your opportunity will be missed. If they answer, you may be able to find out who it is from their voice, or your discussion.

How to Find a Restricted Phone Number | It Still Works

However, if they do not answer, listen carefully to their voicemail in case their name or number is said. If you get their name or number, then that is all you need. If there name is provided and you are not sure who they are, you can use a service such as Kiwi Searches to run a person search on them.

Block restricted numbers

This will inform you of who the person is, where they live, and many other details about them. If they do not have their name in their voicemail but rather a message that repeats their number, then you can almost complete the same process. Rather than performing a person search, you can do a reverse phone lookup.

Check your phone records

This is the process of typing in the phone number to Kiwi Searches and learning who the number belongs to, and more. The good news is that there still may be hope. Your telephone provider holds a call log of all incoming and outgoing calls. Just log into your telephone provider account and find the date and time the call came in. Second, the caller can set up permanent Caller ID blocking. However, when permanent Caller ID blocking is set up, their name will always be blocked.

There is a wide range of people who might want to call from a restricted number. Potential users include:. Prank callers Ex-romantic partners Stalkers Individuals with privacy concerns, such as victims of abuse Debt collectors Con artists. Telemarketers are the largest users of restricted numbers. There are several reasons why telemarketers like stay anonymous when making phone calls. Some are engaging in illegal telemarketing practices and want to avoid providing identifying information in case they get reported.

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If you receive a call from a restricted number, you have several options for figuring out who it is. Unfortunately, there is no easy and free way to figure out the phone number that is being blocked on your Caller ID. Use a special service or app. These usually work very well. One such service is TrapCall.

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When an unknown number is received, the user can decline the call. The call will then go to TrapCall, which will unmask the number and reroute it back to your phone, with the hidden number revealed.

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