Child sex offenders per capita by state

The lowest rate was recorded in Maryland with registered sex offenders per , people. This chart shows registered sex offenders per , inhabitants in Statista offers daily infographics about trending topics covering Media and Society. Feel free to contact us anytime using our contact form or visit our FAQ page. More Information.

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Follow Statista. Description This chart shows registered sex offenders per , inhabitants in Download Chart. Crime rate in the United Kingdom Clearance rate - crime clearance rate by type United States crime rate , by type of crime. Reported violent crime rate in the U. Infographic Newsletter Statista offers daily infographics about trending topics covering Media and Society.

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Willing to bet more that both counts are wrong. As of , 5 years ago, Oregon has registered sex offenders per , people.

That is the second highest in the USA! By the way, this Portland Mercury is only a weekly and is one of those free things in the supermarket racks. Cognitive dissonance. Well, the statement in this article that Oregon has only registrants should be a tip off.

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Such skewed data. Sex abuse is 75 months. Rape is months. No time for good behavior.

Map Offenders

No judicial discretion during sentencing. I remember long ago looking into Oregon laws and then you could petition to be removed from the registry after 5 years as long as you had one conviction. I should have moved. Oregon has generally been more liberal than most states. I suppose the influx of Orange county Californians for three decades fleeing the suburban mess they created down here has changed that dynamic.

How things have gotten worse everywhere over time.

MAP MONDAY: States With the Most Sex Offenders Per Capita - AllOnGeorgia

She pulled down that article and they put this one up instead. Oh, Kelly honey, so little do you know about the nationwide push to end this witch hunt. As for my feelings towards Oregonians, this author typifies them. This has lasted right up to now. And most are real predators with two or more convictions. I know one personally from my Oregon outpatient counseling over 30 years ago. In addition, they have resisted the AWA farse all along.

However, the victim industry pushes relentlessly; legislation has passed to add some level 3 Registrants. But they are doing it slowly over years. Levels 1,2 and much of level 3 are still not public.

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Just keep doing that. Never ending. Similar to why coffee and eggs are both good for you, then bad for you, then good for you, then bad for you.

The U.S. States With The Most Sex Offenders Per Capita

I went for a step recovery convention not too long ago in Portland — and helped develop the step satellite meetings in well-to-do areas such as West Linn and Happy Valley. So much so that at one church, we moved the meeting from one of the rooms to the main church area. Visits to step meetings in the L. Contrastingly, there were at least 80 people at each satellite meeting in the three days that I was in Oregon. About a quarter of the room were registered citizens. Three MD doctors that I spoke to, now ordered to register, too.