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Most citizens only know the Military Police number for emergencies, but ambulance , firefighters and civil defense are also commonly known. Usually a call to military police describing an emergency with a non-criminal nature will be redirected to the proper number or provide assistance if they are qualified to as in cases of choking children. By law, is printed on the packaging of all tobacco products sold in Brazil, so it is usually thought to be just a smoking cessation help hotline.

That hotline does exist and can be accessed by this number, but is actually a more comprehensive contact channel between citizens and the Ministry of Health. In , a law was approved that added two new numbers, and , to mimic the emergency numbers from European countries and United States, respectively. A call to those numbers is redirected to the same lines as The law was made because of the large number of foreign tourists expected for the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro , so the redirecting numbers were initially reachable only from the 12 World Cup host cities , but later the change was extended to the entire country.

Some states and municipalities may have additional short 1nn public utility numbers for other services. Regional utilities for services such as electricity and water supply may also have short access numbers starting with 1.

In contrast to emergency numbers, which are always toll-free, calls to such services may or may not be charged. Landline telephone companies' customer service numbers have been normatized as , followed by a two-digit code. For example, Embratel customers contact the company's customer service dialing For cable and satellite television operators, the number is , followed by a two-digit code e.

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The Brazilian system for long-distance dialing is relatively unusual and somewhat confusing, insofar as the choice of long-distance carrier determines the actual digit sequence to be dialed. The standard format for writing down — but not for calling — a long-distance phone number in Brazil is aa nnnn-nnnn , where aa is the area code and nnnn-nnnn is the local phone number.

Due to persistence of old habits from the time when carrier codes were not used see below , the format 0aa nnnn-nnnn is still commonly seen, but this usage is discouraged, since it may confuse customers when actually calling. Area codes are distributed geographically. See the list of Brazilian area codes for a full list. To dial a long-distance number within Brazil, one needs to use a carrier selection code , in order to choose which long-distance carrier will be used.

The carrier selection code is specified before the area code; so, to actually place a call, one should dial 0-xx-aa-nnnn-nnnn , where xx is the two-digit carrier selection code. Because of that, sometimes long-distance phone numbers are written down as 0 xx aa nnnn-nnnn , with two actual letters x as placeholders, which the caller will replace by a carrier code.

The use of carrier selection codes can be very confusing, because of the obvious added complexity, the different rates charged by different carriers, and even which long-distance carriers can be used to place the call, since not all of them service the entire Brazilian territory, and some are only available from mobile or from VoIP lines. For example, Embratel selection code 21 is available from any telephone line in all of Brazil, but Sercomtel code 43 only in Londrina and some neighbouring cities.

ANATEL 's Web site used to have a useful on-line system where the standard rates of all available carriers could be compared for the particular long-distance call one wants to place, but it was taken down in March This was how the service was first advertised when it first appeared in the late s, and the name stuck. As of January , Embratel is the only carrier offering operator-assisted long-distance calls, by dialing Long-distance directory inquiries can be made dialing However, subscriber numbers can also be obtained by a search at the destination telephone company's website.

See the "External links" section below for a useful site with links to Brazilian directory assistance pages. In Brazil, collect calls are automated. The phone number to be called is prefixed with a special code. If the person being called hangs up within those six initial seconds, nothing is charged. Send feedback on Help Center Community. Google Nest Contact us.

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You are located in the U. S, UK or Canada. Note : Continental U. S, Hawaii and Alaska only. Each port order status is listed in the Status column. Yes they can. All you need to do is submit a service request that includes your organization's tenant GUID and the phone numbers you want converted. To do this, see Manage phone numbers for your organization. Number porting is easy to do. Your order can get messed up, however, if there's a problem with the phone service provider, the order is incomplete and missing information, or there are typos.

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Here are the most common mistakes we see customers make when they port numbers. Save yourself a call to customer support and double-check for these errors. Make sure the account information you give matches exactly what your phone carrier has on record. Mismatched information is the most common cause of errors and delay your port order. Verify the following is true:.

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Make sure there are no advanced call control features, for example, Call Hunt, Distinctive Ring, that are enabled on these phone numbers. Make sure you haven't placed any new service orders or disconnects with your current service provider. Make sure your service is active. Freezing the account prevents the change of carriers on the account.

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The person authorized to make changes to the account must submit an order to the current carrier to remove the freeze. This process can take one to three weeks depending on the carrier. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. Profile Bookmarks Collections Sign out.

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