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Bookmark Suicide. Link to Suicide. They are very special people. They are angels.

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We miss them. We love them.

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Suicide survivors are heroes and angels on earth. Amaral Penny Ambrose Charles O. Barnes Ralph R. Barnes, Jr. Bell Sr. Blake Jr. Brislin, Jr. Brooks Derek Brooks Jeffrey W. Luke Cannell Kenneth Canterbury Jr.

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Carter, Sr. Antonio Ciccarelli Christopher J.

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Cincurak Michael A. Cincola Philip H. Conner Kenneth W. Cook Jr. Cowens Sr. Decker Jr. Eckert Jr. Flynn, Jr.

Fritz Leonard Fromm Harry F. Gagne Delores W. Natalie M. Glover jr. Gore Arshile Gorky Shawn M.

Gray Jr. Elmer Thomas Gove, Sr. Griffin William Griffin William F. Groves, Jr. Hofmeister Christian L. Jeffrey Scott Jones Jami G. Koeth Daniel A. Keoth John A. La Follette, Jr. Jeral Lambert, Jr.

Lawrence Kenneth P. Leick II Carolyn E. David W.

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Lopez Jose Lopez Jose R. Martin Robin Richard Martin R. Mattingly Ben Mattiske David W. Mullin Michael R. Murphy Robert Murphy Brett W.

Murray Chad Murray Daniel W. Nelson Don F. Olsen Stephen Olsick D. Peloquin, Jr. Piotrowski Greg Brian Piper H. Benny A. Poe, Jr. Rabe Paul J. Reed Jr.

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Regan, Jr. Robert Rehl, Jr. Teachers' salaries continue to rise, and six-figure salaries are no longer uncommon for educators in New Jersey. Patch has the list of 10,plus top-earning teachers and their salaries below. The Department of Education has released its annual list of teachers and their salaries for It's also a small fraction of the more than , people who teach in public and charter schools in this state.

But the highest earners also come from all different schools — not just the so-called "wealthy" districts that routinely rank highly on national and state lists for best schools. If you want to find teachers in your district, scroll through the list below. The increase was about 2. The Department of Education has said the department double-checks the data before delivering it to the media.