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Be forewarned -- you'll need to hire the P. Private investigators don't typically and shouldn't take cases where they are only asked to obtain a personal identifier like a date of birth or social security number.

This is because of the risk of identity theft. Some of the results contain addresses, some do not. There are no restrictions on the use of this data, so it can certainly be used to assist in skiptracing. This is particularly true on cases where the the "skip" is transient and has a history of arrests and criminal charges. There is a big difference -- in both quality and cost.

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A licensed, experienced private investigator will provide a much more thorough, exhaustive criminal background check than will this service. He may use a service like Crime Smasher as PART of his efforts but in addition, he will be be doing other important things as well -- like verifying the subject's identity, obtaining a date of birth and checking local court records.

If money is not an issue, we strongly recommend hiring a qualified private investigator. If money is an issue, we would strongly recommend using Crime Smasher and any free searches you can find on the Internet as opposed to doing nothing. Not necessarily -- they could have a criminal record in jurisdictions that are not included in Crime Smasher. Further, criminal background checks are only as good as the information you start with.

If you do the background check on a false or wrong name, or the right name and false date of birth, you will also get back a false "no record"! The Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA requires that "adverse" hiring decisions be made based upon a check of the originating agencies records, not those of a third party. In other words, if you found a criminal case on Crime Smasher, you would have to contact the criminal justice agency involved that has the record and verify it is correct and is for the subject of your investigation as opposed to someone else with the same name.

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The FCRA places other requirements on use of criminal background checks for employees -- you should consult your attorney before taking any action. Click this Map to go to our coverage information. Available data varies from state to state. On the other hand, a DUI is considered a serious crime—one that can lead to license suspensions, sizable fines, and jail time.

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As a result, if you have a DUI or several on your record, they will show up in a pre-employment background check even if an employer does not conduct a driving history check. This criminal history question is slowly disappearing from job applications thanks to the spread of the ban the box movement.

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  • If you live in a jurisdiction that has banned the box, you may not have to worry about answering criminal history questions with regards to a DUI conviction. As such, if you have a DUI on your record, you need to have a strategy for how to answer the question without killing your job chances.

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    A DUI may be a traffic violation, but it is also a crime in all 50 states. If given the opportunity, you should set the record straight with potential employers.

    All they know is something is there waiting to be found on a background check. The need for nuance is particularly relevant to a DUI conviction since a DUI can be charged in multiple ways depending on the situation. However, there are always exceptions. These circumstances can also result in a prosecutor adding extra charges to a case, such as vehicular manslaughter or criminal negligence. As you can see, how a DUI is classified—and what it means for your criminal record—can vary considerably.