Dune starchild 12 vinyl record

Hinz later joined Canadian rockers Helix and was replaced by Dixie Lee, formerly drummer of British rockers Lone Star , who was coming off a stint playing in Ozzie Osbourne 's first solo project.

Australian Charts – Dune Rats Have The No 1 ARIA Album

History Starchild was formed in in Cambridge, Ontario when Bob Sprenger, Rick Whittier, and Neil Light, who played in a steady gigging band called Gaslight, decided to reform as a heavier rock band. After going through a few different drummers, they stuck together with "Fritz" and hit the road fulltime. Most of the band members were huge science fiction fans, and when the band's producer Greg Hambleton who also signed Steel River to his Tuesday label wanted something more futuristic sounding than the previous name, Thorne, the name change to Starchild was unanimous.

The band's first recording was a 2 song demo "Party of the Toads" and "Tough Situation" produced and engineered by a young Daniel Lanois in his mother's basement in Ancaster in The band opened for fellow Canadian rockers Triumph , Goddo , and Moxy as well as others. The album received "moderate" airplay across the country after release mostly as promo for the band's live appearances but due to the fact there were no radio friendly commercial songs released as a charted single, it didn't rocket up the charts.

Level 42 - Turn It On (Live Version Extended)

Fritz left to join Helix a few months later and was replaced by Dixie Lee. Starchild continued to tour across Canada, and although the band never made it to Europe, their records sold better there than they did in Canada. Find out more about our use of this data , and also our policy on profanity.

Find out more about our use of this data. Daryl Easlea For one brief, shining moment at the start of the 80s, Level 42 were underground and cutting edge. They were outsiders: they had a resolute lack of fashion sense, an Isle of Wight address, played hard-hitting grooves and, in Mark King and Mike Lindup, an unconventional pairing of singers.

Easily derided by those outside, their early releases, running alongside the new romantic movement, were something exciting and vibrant. Even a few rock journalists at the time were prepared to nail their colours to the mast and support them. On Level 42, you can still hear echoes of this time.

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The group had already recorded an album for indie label Elite when they were signed to Polydor. Elite wanted a huge sum to let their new label release it, so the band quickly wrote and recorded new material. Turn It On starts the album with all of their youthful, swaggering confidence on display.

📌 Starchild (band)

The propulsive groove of Almost There is exhilarating and the instrumental bass showcase, Dune Tune, is shimmering, soulful jazz-funk. Despite their enormous and prolonged success Level 42 were never this pioneering again, but this debut album still sounds fresh and vital.

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It is one of those records that is both understated and triumphant at the same time. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.