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The nice thing about the following table of websites, is that they offer important information for free. Some of them will tell you if a friends cell number is in your cellular network and some of them will do a reverse phone look up. From Whitepages. Find out if your friends number is on your same carrier so you know you can call them for free.

Search Whitepages. From Nomorobo. Search nomorobo. Search Opencnam. But sometimes it is blank for numbers. Search Everyone If they are IN The above web pages from the cellular companies are great services in my opinion. If you know of a similar service from other cellular providers then please email me at jeffsbaker sbcglobal. In the right hand column look for Mobile to Mobile. From number-finder.

Free Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup With Google

This tool isn't as handy as it used to be because of number portability you can now take your number from one cell provider to a new provider. But if you want to know if the phone number might be in your network, type it in at the above website. The above website will tell you what carrier that number was originally sold to. If it is in your network you might be able to call this person without being charged.

Free Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup With Google - Reverse Cell Phone Numbers Free

The above web site is also useful if you didn't answer your phone because you didn't know who was calling. Type the number in at www. From Addresses.

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If you enter a phone number there, it seems to have a better chance of finding out who owns the number then intelius. From callersmart.

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  7. Unfortunately, they want to show an ad before they show you the persons name. Search callersmart. Enter the number here. Search notes.


    The above site can help you figure out who is calling and what they want, especially if they are a telemarketer. Search Whocalled. Back to www. Reverse Cell Phone Detective Site to help you find the owner of a cell phone number I found a site that claimed to give free reverse cell phone lookups freecellphonelookups.

    Reverse Phone Lookup - Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup

    I like www. The carrier site mentioned is the best but is no longer free. So What Happened to the White Pages? So What's the Solution? Most phone numbers are unlisted and the time it takes to this by hand can be long without any results in the end.


    Phone Number Lookup? A reverse phone lookup is a straightforward method to check a telephone number simply by keying in the phone number into a special search engine or website directory to see who that number belongs to. There are numerous methods to look up a cell phone number on the internet. Using a professional service or using Google the most popular internet search engine. Back in the day, it was possible to work with Google's phone directory to execute a reverse phone lookup. Having said that, in The fall of , Google formally closed down the telephone book, because of individuals discovering themselves in Google's listing and demanding to get deleted.

    Of course, this makes checking a phone number a bit harder, even so, with the following tricks you can use Google to execute a reverse phone lookup online. Key the entire cell phone number together with area code in Google's search field. Example or in quotes "" You are going to observe the number shown with lots of various phone sites. If the telephone number is linked to an enterprise or a professional. That business or perhaps a personal business profile page will show. If the telephone number is linked to a house, the address is not going to surface most likely.

    You can view the subscription on your monthly Verizon bill. You can manage your subscription s via the application. I am a realtor, and being connected is highly important. Also, being app based, if you are somewhere with a bad signal, you get nothing; this could mean a restaurant with a metal roof would keep you from getting calls and messages. Please update to the latest build, now available on the App Store.

    If you are still experiencing issues, please provide us with a detailed description of the issue at mynumbers verizonwireless. I launched the app a week ago and it had forgotten who I was and that I already had a subscription. Thinking that it would log me back in, I clicked it, entered my phone number, it found my previous MyVerizonNumber and things were fine until I got the bill. Ended up scrapping the whole service and giving up my phone number as a result. Instead use a VoIP service google voice, etc or if your phone has dual sims my iPhone has an esim you can use that for your second line.

    Tried to fwd calls and its not an option. Cannot have the calls go to my regular dialer like other apps. Wanted Verizon instead of others for more security and privacy. Oxymoron maybe. Not like a real phone line does. Cannot turn off the voicemail either, it can only be reset to default greeting. For 5 more dollars a month 20 I can have a whole second phone and put it away when I am not working then not have to worry about forgetting to turn off notifications and such.